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Name: Aurelio Montoya 

Age: 16 

Colour: Purple 

House: Sharquynn 

Gender: Male 

Coins: none 

Personality: Aurelio is a filmmaker that takes great interest on things  he deems to be mysteries. He's energetic, exciteable, and pleasant to be around. 

(Three good traits, three bad)

+ Charismatic


+ instinctive 

- Naive  

- Talkative

- overthinking   

Backstory: “Ahahaha! Oh, sweetie. It’s simple to tell really. I just arrived here wanting to hone my skills, needing to improve them, oh so, drastically~. Getting to see that pretty face before me is just an extra~.” 

Inventory: Tokoroka Mesh Cap, White anchor tee, Gold Hi-horses 

:bulletwhite: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good/close friend
:bulletpurple: Cabin/Roomates
:bulletorange: Family
:bulletpink: Romantic Interest
:bulletblack: Grudge Against
:bulletyellow: Admires/Looks up to/Idolises

-Hair is long, and tied down.
-His eyes are grey...yay.
-The house charm could be found on a bracelet around his wrist.
-Always has his damn camera 
Words cannot describe the sadness that is filling up my heart right now. For those unaware, Chester Bennington has taken his own life at the age of 41. I have been, and always will be, a big fan of Linkin Park. The band helped me get back into Rock along with Green Day when I was in middle school. They always had this sound that, i cannot describe, but  it always just clicked with me. Linkin Park also ended up being the first band I would ever see in concert  with another great band, that being Rise Against. Chester was a soul who had a goofy personality  that was always refreshing to see. Losing Chester fills me with so much sorrow, and I can't believe he's gone. 
Rest in peace, Chester. I hope wherever you that you're no longer dealing with the demons you battled with. Thank you for all of the music over the years. 

Name: Les Blair

Age: 17

Colour: Green! (the pink vs green thingy)

Detailed Description of Appearance: Here comes Les rockin the emover tentacle style. My dude’s got that Paisley Bandana round his neck. Keepin it fresh with that black pipe tee! What’s he got to kick but? Those Red hi-horses my dude!  And, before I forget like my last character submission, his eyes are blue!

House: Sharquynn   (CHOMP CHOMP)

Location of house charm: Right around his neck on a small necklace hidden by his bandana

Gender: Male

Coins: lmao none

Personality: Les is a musician that often holds a shy side, but lets himself become more active once comfortable with a person, or even when he sees someone in need of help. Also being a type that would not often say no, he's always willing to help those in need. 
(Three good traits, three bad)

+ Musical

+ Creative


- weak 

- Bottles things up

- Lets things from the past effect him  

Backstory: Les is an acoustic bass player coming from a single mother, and a deadbeat father. Coming to camp after a rocky relationship, and just wanting to get some form of an escape from stress.  

Inventory: Splattershot, black pipe tee, red hi-horses, and a Paisely bandana

Description: bulletwhite: Acquaintance
Description: bulletblue: Friend
Description: bulletgreen: Good/close friend
Description: bulletpurple: Cabin/Roomates
Description: bulletorange: Family: Mom: "She's very nice, and I really appreciate all the hard work she does to make sure I get through life. Just wish that I had a way to spend more time with her."
 Dad: "I haven't seen him in years, and at this point I just question why he'd even try having me if he was going to abandon my mom." 
Description: bulletpink: Romantic Interest
Description: bulletblack: Grudge Against
Description: bulletyellow: Admires/Looks up to/Idolises


Name: Lucille Plinkely

Age: 16

Colour: Soda

Detailed Description of Appearance: She stands at a fairly average height. Her soda-hued tentacles up in a bun. A cute little squid with her tan-colored boater hat, white zipline teen, and laced up red hi-horses. Topped all off with a flower bracelet around her wrist.

House: Shaquynn (CHOMP CHOMP)  

Location of house charm: (if grey, just put none) Right on the bracelet!

Gender: Female

Coins:  none

Personality:Lucille is a polite squid no matter what the task is. Always looking forward to having fun, but looks can be deceiving. Her politeness is at an uncomfortable level, so one would make a note of her.
Often seen carrying a bucket with her, and she's very likely to be caught petting it. Sometimes even kissing it.

(Three good traits, three bad)


+Willingness to do an activity

+She will give you free food.

-Very guillable

-Not a fast runner


Backstory: (if any)

Inventory: (if you buy items from the store for this character, put them here even if they aren't wearing them in the ref so we know what you've bought!)

Good/close friend
Cabin/Roomates: Jackie, Lime, and Paisley
Romantic Interest
Grudge Against
Admires/Looks up to/Idolises

Extra: Do you have any clothes to wash?


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Hello, I am TEO! I dabble a bit in art.

Rock on. by Snuf-Stamps DA Stamp - I Love Movies 01 by tppgraphics Skillet Stamp by RecklessKaiser
Demisexual Pride Flag V.1 by Blues-Eyes My Chemical Romance Stamp by CyanideSeason :thumb297293119: My Chemical Romance 1 by MorbidPirate-Stamps My Chemical Romance I by darkdisciple-stamps Breaking Benjamin Stamp by EbonyKitE Papa Roach Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Green Day stamp by 5-3-10-4 Three Days Grace Stamp by JetProwerTheFox :thumb119691561: Three Days Grace Stamp by LuxDani Three Days Grace Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: Imagine Dragons by Araktugage Imagine-dragons-stamp by Shadow-Guardian0 Fall Out Boy - Centuries Stamp by Fruitily Fall Out Boy Stamp by TheChiza nirvana stamp by maryduran :thumb142912825: :thumb89243582:

The best moirail of all-time:
:iconwolfnightv4x1: :iconmoirailplz:
^ok seriously this is beyond just homestuck terms I am without a doubt 100% positive that this...kind, caring, badass soul of a human is my platonic soulmate...and us just being best friends is all I need



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