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Words cannot describe the sadness that is filling up my heart right now. For those unaware, Chester Bennington has taken his own life at the age of 41. I have been, and always will be, a big fan of Linkin Park. The band helped me get back into Rock along with Green Day when I was in middle school. They always had this sound that, i cannot describe, but  it always just clicked with me. Linkin Park also ended up being the first band I would ever see in concert  with another great band, that being Rise Against. Chester was a soul who had a goofy personality  that was always refreshing to see. Losing Chester fills me with so much sorrow, and I can't believe he's gone. 
Rest in peace, Chester. I hope wherever you that you're no longer dealing with the demons you battled with. Thank you for all of the music over the years. 

Name: Les Blair

Age: 17

Colour: Green! (the pink vs green thingy)

Detailed Description of Appearance: Here comes Les rockin the emover tentacle style. My dude’s got that Paisley Bandana round his neck. Keepin it fresh with that black pipe tee! What’s he got to kick but? Those Red hi-horses my dude!  And, before I forget like my last character submission, his eyes are blue!

House: Sharquynn   (CHOMP CHOMP)

Location of house charm: Right around his neck on a small necklace hidden by his bandana

Gender: Male

Coins: lmao none

Personality: He is a  musician that likes to let his music talk for him. Kinda chooses to be silent. Many of his actions and emotions are conveyed through his facial expressions.

(Three good traits, three bad)

+ Musical

+ Logical


- Silent

- Bottles things up

- idk…he can’t dance?

Backstory: Parents wanted him to socialize more with others, and had him sent over.

Inventory: Splattershot, black pipe tee, red hi-horses, and a Paisely bandana

Description: bulletwhite: Acquaintance
Description: bulletblue: Friend
Description: bulletgreen: Good/close friend
Description: bulletpurple: Cabin/Roomates
Description: bulletorange: Family
Description: bulletpink: Romantic Interest
Description: bulletblack: Grudge Against
Description: bulletyellow: Admires/Looks up to/Idolises

Extra: He plays bass guitar. 

Name: Lucille Plinkely

Age: 16

Colour: Soda

Detailed Description of Appearance: She stands at a fairly average height. Her soda-hued tentacles up in a bun. A cute little squid with her tan-colored boater hat, white zipline teen, and laced up red hi-horses. Topped all off with a flower bracelet around her wrist.

House: Shaquynn (CHOMP CHOMP)  

Location of house charm: (if grey, just put none) Right on the bracelet!

Gender: Female

Coins:  none

Personality:Lucille is a polite squid no matter what the task is. Always looking forward to having fun, but looks can be deceiving. Her politeness is at an uncomfortable level, so one would make a note of her.
Often seen carrying a bucket with her, and she's very likely to be caught petting it. Sometimes even kissing it.

(Three good traits, three bad)


+Willingness to do an activity

+She will give you free food.

-Very guillable

-Not a fast runner


Backstory: (if any)

Inventory: (if you buy items from the store for this character, put them here even if they aren't wearing them in the ref so we know what you've bought!)

Good/close friend
Cabin/Roomates: Jackie, Lime, and Paisley
Romantic Interest
Grudge Against
Admires/Looks up to/Idolises

Extra: Do you have any clothes to wash?
Whoa golly gee, it seems they all got invited to a cave! These people sure like to invite others to strange places. First an abandoned amusement park of spoops, and now a hecking cave.
What's next? A sewer? foreshadowing
The grungey tomboy makes her way through looking all around for any sight of a fellow squid.
"U-um....hello?" She says with her voice echoing through the cave as she goes spelunking.
Someone taps on Luanne's shoulder from behind.

Luanne flails her body around, and falls to her knees from the sudden fright before turning her gaze around.  Who the frick frack did that?

It's another one. well, third time's the charm, right? if this doesn't turn out well, victoria may just stop going to them in general... maybe not really.
So the orange inkling made her way to the entrance of the cave. Sigh all these weird places.. why couldn't it have been at a park or something? Ah well, with a tug of her bag straps, she walks in to find two other... well they're both not squids. "ah.. hi!" She was walking forward until the light blue squid flailed, "oh"
Dylisi leans forward, looking into her face, "You took the quickest way here, so did I! I was behind you."
Valerie looked around, not at all surprised at the choice of location but more of surprised that there was a beach here. She's been around for more than a year yet she hasn't even been here before... Welp, she spotted the cave and soon noticed some familiar faces. What was their names again... "Luanne! Torch! Heya." She said, approaching them.

From the park to abandoned warehouse to abandoned amusement park, the location of this session really wasn't new to her anymore in the sense of where people think would be good to have a truth or dare in.

Victoria perked up, turning around to see Val coming their way, "oh, hey!" Right there she gave herself a facepalm, "oh, right you're Luanne," she said with a smile down at the fallen inkling, "I forget names rather easily eheh.. and you're.. d... uh.." she prompted the octopus
Luanne kinda stares and blinks at Dylisi with a smile before turning over to the others. A wave to Valerie, and she the kinda scratches behind her head as she turns to Torch. "Y-yeah, that's me! Though I uh...don't think we really introduced each other."
"She's Dylisi, Torch." Valerie told her.
Valentine made her way to the c a ve asap l o o o , she was hosting tonight's main event, however on the way she managed to be a little behind. Can't forget those candles you know? It seemed that most of them had already arrived, but she didn't mind. "Hey guys!" She called in the general direction of them.
Dylisi starts drawing devil's traps in the sand in various locations

"ah, thanks! okay Dylisi okay.." she muttered, she blinked turning to Luanne, "oh! sorry about that, I'm Victoria! But uh, I also go by Torch," she prayed that this inkling wouldn't use the other nickname people often gave her. Perking up again, she turned to where Valentine came, smiling a hello at her~

Valerie perked up and looked towards Valentine  and waved at her.  "Heya! Uh, thanks for inviting us I guess?" She put on a little smile.

"It's nice to meet ya! S-sorry we couldn't say much last time, Torch." She grins over at the orange squid dropping her hands into her pockets calmly.

Valentine glanced at the guests. "Of course!!✿ I'm glad you all could make it!! Shame most of you had to leave early last time!" She smiled at Valerie.(edited)

"I was... I came back in after Tad." She quietly said it seems.

"hey no problem!" she rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly, "but yeah stuff was getting rather.. heated last time. I didn't think it was best to stick around.."

"Pff, no one was gonna hurt anyone. They all love each other too much." Dylisi tsks, "It wasn't thaaaat baddd."

"I'm okay with getting splatted, but dealing with knives is a different story.." Torch moved that neck rub into an arm rub. She didn't want to seem chicken but it's the truth..

"Oh-- you and Dylisi did make it to the end didn't you,?" She continued, "I'm sorry!!" ✿ She moved to start setting up candles around the area. It was almost time to begin.

Valerie stayed quiet there, a slight pink on her face from Dylisi's statement "love each other too much" but just pretty much nodding in agreement with the others or so, trying to get a thought pushed away for now.

Luanne leans against the cave wall starting to slide down to sit. might as well get comfy before everything begins!

Dylisi starts drawing devil traps in the sand around Luanne

Luane blinks idly.'s a form of protection at least! At least that's what she thinks to herself.

Torch cocks a brow at the interaction. what were those shapes? ah well, with a little shrug she sits as well, time to see what'll happen this time...

Valerie turned away from the other two and ended up seeing what Dylisi was doing around Luanne. "...uhh... What are you doing...?" Why did you have to ask anyways Val.

Dylisi pauses, mid-symbol, then stops and looks up Valerie from where she sits on her knees in the sand. "Well, I was thinking about last night and how harmless it was but how scared you all were and it got me thinking- what if there was a demon possession? Everyone would be pissing their pants. Those are actually pretty dangerous. I'm making sure that YOU-" she points around the room, then settles her finger at Valerie, raising an eyebrow, "and everyone else is safe."
"oh so.. okay well thanks!" She gives another smile, as genuine as possible, she still thought it was a bit odd but still rather thoughtful
With the last few battery powered ( i should specify since we don't want any unnecessary accidents)  candles placed and ready to go, she leaned against a cave wall. She'd double checked to make sure they were ready and wanted for the conversation to die down a little. "OKAY! We're starting now!! Since i'm the host I guess i'll pick a person first, if that's alright?"

She finishes her symbol and scootches up beside Luanne, watching everyone
Luanne unknowingly becomes a planet. She's got her own orbit, and her moon, Dylisi, has scooted up to her making her just smile awkwardly. Still trying to be nice no matter what.

Valerie blinked a few times in astonishment and just ends up making a small smile. "Oh, why... Thanks then." She then went to sit down somewhere nearby... "That sounds alright, Valentine." She answered.

Valentine grinned. "Hmm,, okay!" She looked over the others. "How about Valerie! You didn't get called last time, truth or dare?"

Dylisi grins at Valerie, her fangs splaying and her nose wrinkled, she gives her a thumbs up.

Oh. Right. Valerie widened her eyes when she was the first one called. Welp, guess this is what you get for not playing last time even if you were there yet still came to this new session. "Uh, truth. I'll go with truth."

Truth? Saucy!! Valentine thought about what to ask. "Okay Valerie! How about this. If you were trapped in here, and the only way to escape would be to kill someone here, would you? And who would you pick? ✿ "
She wasn't too great with truth.

Oh good starting with a kill truth again. "..." She stayed quiet for a while, looking at everyone in the cave. "... No. I... Wouldn't kill anyone."

"So you'd just die in the cave?" She asked after, with a heavy hint of curiosity.

Dylisi snorts


Torch looks between the two like if there was a tennis match going on.
"... Sure, but only if that would help the others get out if they were trapped with me..."
"But if not then I guess just keep on living and, against odds I guess, find another way out..."

"Oh! There we go!! That's a lot more productive! ✿ I'm glad that you'd keep going on!" She smiled, a little more content with her drive. "Your turn now!!"

Valerie nodded. Phew, that was something... She then looked around... "Mm... Torch? Truth or Dare?"

"oh uh.." she put a finger to her chin, weighing her options, "yeah, truth," she shrugged.

She thought for a while. Truth, truth... "What was the craziest thing you have done?"

She leaned back on the rock wall.. maybe she should have done dare. it'd save her from thinking about the past.. "uh.. let's see um.." her gaze moved to the 'ceiling' of the cave. "well, aside from that time where you threw snacks through my window.. and.. having uh... Kuro deliver even more food.." she chuckled, "guess any crazy stunts would have been done back home I guess. Parkour and stuff, y'know?" resting her chin on her hand now, she giggled, "yeah, having you two deliver food while my legs were asleep was probably the most craziest thing I can think of!"

Parkour? That sounded interesting...  And that event... Eheh... She ended up giggling a bit. "Hahah, I guess that was quite a thing that happened, huh? Eheheh..." Kuro though siiiigh She smiled slightly. "Your turn."

She smiled at the purple squid and looked at the three options before her. who to pick who to pick... "um.. Dylisi, was it? Truth or dare?"

Oooh, Torch! Torch! What a neat thing, now Dylisi was up, so things could only get more interesting.

"Daaaaaaaaare." Dylisi whispers, "DARE!" she shouts

Here we go. was all Valerie could think as Dylisi came up and chose dare.

The first Dare? How was this gonna go? Valentine thought

Oh, boy. All the things that can happen here. Should be interesting to see.

She blinks, wow such excitement! "alright uh..." Torch looked around a bit, and quickly turned back to the Dylisi, "Dare ya to go deeper into the cave, as far as you want as long as we can't hear your footsteps anymore and um.. maybe pick something up if you find anything!" she chirped

Dylisi stands up, kisses Torch goodbye, then runs off into the cave

Valerie blinks a few times. Wow uh okay. Kiss before running off alright.

blink blink. "u-uh. good. good luck!" what the carp.

Dylisi returns a few minutes later with no pants and a skull. She drops the skull on the floor and goes and sits down next to Luanne again, "Sly bastard haggled me out of my pants for that."\

Luanne just stares at ceiling wondering what the hell she just got herself was a cool though.

"w-well good job on that uh.. who is down there????" she whispers... loudly.

Dylisi points at the skull, "The rest of him."

"I..I see well then -ahem- your.. your turn" Torch gestures to her, still bug-eyed from the fact she lost her pants over this.

Valentine looked at the skull oh. That was.. neat. It was certainly worth the wait. "Yeah!! It is your turn! This is getting exciting!"

"You! Truth or dare,  dead-man cave hostess??" Dylisi points at Valentine

Valerie ends up blinking a few times again. Uh... Okay then...?? "...that just happened." Valerie mumbled, getting out a pack of little cookies. Just... To munch away the nervousness it seems.

"Oh? Dare of course!!" Let’s keep this dare train going choo choo, even if it could be bad. "I mean,, it's not eating 100 year old dust so I don't think it'll be terrible!"

Torch eyes the cookies, she carefully scooches over to Valerie, just about to tap her shoulder when she heard the comment.
She smiled slyly at the pink squid, "oh you still remember that, dusty?"

"I dare you to go skinny dipping." Dylisi points at the lake

Valentine playfully rolled her eyes, "Heh heh, very funny Torch.. you should try it next time, then talk to me." The turned to Dylisi. "Skinny dipping?!" She continued, "Isn't that dangerous??"

"What’s the point of a DARE if it isn't DANGEROUS?" Dylisi moans in exasperation

Valerie looks at Torch then looks at the cookies she just brought out and opened it, giving her a small cookie. "Here, Torch."
Now... Skinny diving? Uhhh... Valerie awaits on how this will go.

"Fair enough!" She shrugged. "Can I at least wear my bandages? I mean, I kind of need them."

Dylisi points at her, "Yes."

Torch chuckles at Valentine's comment, not so fazed by the dare because of all the spawn points nearby... She blinks as Valerie offered the cookie. She beamed. "ehe, thanks!!"

Valerie smiled at her and got out her own cookies to munch on. "You're welcome ~" Yaay cookie

Valentine grinned, "Rad, i'll get going then, just don't look, alright?" She left the cave and undress. Like,, half of her torso, lower right arm, and upper right leg was covered in bandages so she wasn't too worried about undressing, however it was embarrassing. And hope she dived.

Valerie watched as she continued to munch.

Dylisi creeps out and grabs her pants from the abandoned pile of Valentine's clothes. She proceeds to put them on.
Having lost her pants in a trade with a skeleton, she needed new pants.
Dylisi returns to Luanne and sits on her lap.

"........." Wha... Dylisi just... Val now looks at the end of the cave. Was it worth venturing in to retrieve pants with whatever might be in there plus a dead guy...

munching away, torch blinked when Dylisi put on the pants, "uh-" well she kept her yap shut. somehow it's gonna get solved.. maybe valentine had an extra pair or something...

Luanne flails about once more next expecting anyone to go on her lap. She should probably start getting used to this happening.

Dylisi puts her hands on Luanne's cheeks, "Shh shh shhhhh"

Valerie might have gotten her phone out, checking if it had some sort of flashlight app or something or if the screen might be bright enough, glancing every now and then at the inner parts of the cave.

Dylisi stands up, then walks away wearing Valentine's pants.

Luanne just blinks still wondering what the hell just happened. Apparently someone got their pants stolen!

... Oh, there she goes. Guess that plan won't go on or so... Now how's Valentine...

"um!" Torch started, but it was too late... she was gone... oh boy

bLUBBLUBLUB Of course, the obvious happened and she went full under. GDI. But in a second she respawned nearby. Fun fun who doesn't love water. She came back to the cave to get her clothes on ASAP, however something was missing. "Has anyone seen my pants?" She yelled into the cave.

... There she's back. "Uhhhhhh..." Valerie kind of looked around towards the other two... Kind of either faking a "looking for it" action or trying to silently say "should we tell her" to them.

Torch's eyes kind of narrow in anxiety. oh man should they ughhhh...
"w-well you see uh.." she stalled "they were kinda uh.."

"You see uhh..." ho boy seems she's stuck having to spill the beans here. "She uh, up and took your p-pants." She grins at Valentine sheepishly.

"... Yeah... Dylisi stood up when you hopped into the water and wore your pants... And then uh... Left after."

Torch nodded meekly. dammit she shoulda tried harder to stop her..

Valentine smirked for a second, like it was a joke, but it was clear it wasn't and it faded pretty fast. "Well, um, that's alright!" She pretended like it was okay. "I'll just remove my vest maybe, and push down my shirt! It'll work!" She moved on to a new topic now, no need to dwe l l , , "So I'm picking?"

"I-I have a spare blanket if you can make a temporary skirt or something." Yep, Valerie still brought a whole backpack with her, not just a "bag". "And uh yeah sure."

"Oh! Thank you so much!" She took that offer, and wore the blanket. "I'll make sure to return it! Annddd, how about Luanne! Truth or Dare?"

Here we go! Her time to shine again. "Oh uhh...I-I'll go with dare! Hit with your best shot!" She playfully punches at the air as a smirk cracks on her face.

"You're welcome." She smiled as she handed it over and watched on what will happen next, getting some more cookies.

"Dare? Yes!" She around and noticed the skull still lying on the floor. "Oh! How about you take that skull right there and lick it! Like a big ol' kiss!!"

"..." she groans before walking over to the skull. A skull....a freakin skull! Well, it's not frying off skin, so that's  a relief. Swallowing hard, she picks up the skull giving it  a big ol' stare. There's  a slight sense of nervousness. Shit, where the hell has this thing been? It was carried by someone with no pants!  Slowly, she brings it to her lips delivering a big ol' smooch to its forehead,

"Yes!!✿ Good going Luanne!!" She clapped. "I'm sure he appreciates your kiss too!" Cheezy Wink.

Valerie tried not to laugh. At what was done AND Valentine's comment.

Torch shuddered, yeesh that must've been disgusting and dusty and who knows what else! She gave a thumbs up to Luanne nonetheless.

"Good...job...?" Was that the right thing to tell someone who just kissed a skull... Oh well.

Luanne furiously rubbed her lips and tongue before dropping the skull. Her finger goes up
Her finger points directly to Torch. "Truth or dare, yo!"

Her eyes widened as the finger landed on her. "o-oh. okay um... Guess I'll do a dare this time."

She taps her chin idly as she walks back to the wall. Hmm, what to do here? A lot of options to pick here. Letting out a huff, she turns back to her. "I dare you to uh..climb to the top of the cave, and leap off."

"What??!" Okay she's never been dared to do something like that before! Still a bit bug eyed she swallowed hard, "um.. uh.. o-okay" Torch takes a deep breath in and stands up, walking to the edge of the cave and just.. looks at what she's dared to climb.

Starting at the edge of the entrance, she climbed up. One rock at a time and she eventually made it to the top. The next part wasn't so simple.. to jump off.
She's kind of staring at the ground. It was pretty high up. Maybe not.. as high as she's used to... she's jumped off buildings before!
So with another big breath, she sprung off the cave!
And it was only moments before that instincts kicked in and went into her squid form.

She went out a bit to watch Torch do the dare. It was a bit of an interesting dare really! Though she did wonder if she was doing okay as the squid dared was now at the top... And then there she goes! Wait- why did she go squid form??

Luanne's eyes widen upon the sight. That's quite a familiar thing to see! With seeing the moment, she couldn't help but applaud at the successful dare. "N-nice one, Torch!"

Her eyes were shut tight upon impact... which wasn't very hard thanks to switching forms. Peeling herself off the ground, she rubbed a tentacle behind her head, "aheh.. thanks... oh." Ding dong, she noticed her form and quickly shifted back, her face a bit orange as she walked back to the little circle.

"You alright?" Valerie asked, just to make sure and all.

"Ahaha yeah!" Torch said almost too quickly, seems she's a bit embarrassed that she reacted the way she did back there. "It's uh, no biggie, really." That orange tint is still on her cheeks. Poor squiddie.

Valerie stood up and went over to her to pat her at the back for a while. "Hey, you did good. Want another cookie?" She made a friendly looking smile while pulling out the pack of cookies.

"Oh.. thanks, Val" Torch smiled gratefully and waited patiently before taking the cookie, munching on it. Okay maybe the reaction wasn't too bad..
"So, we went full circle..."

"...! Oh yeah- haha, I'm up next, huh?" Valerie said.

"If you want to, sure!" The orange inkling rubbed her arm sheepishly, "but um, I should really get back home, Goober must be hungry.."

"Y-yeah, same! Fuego's probably trying to scratch the curtains now." The teal wonder says as she starts to rise up from her seat.

Valerie tilted her head until she had a thought of what they were talking about. "... You two have pets?" She said curiously. She never had a pet before.

Torch stood up with a smile, tugging on her bag straps, "Mhm! Goob's my pet sea slug. A glutton one eheheh," she began to back out of the cave, turning to wave at the trio, "oh! And thanks for sharing the snacks again, Val. I have to repay you someday!!"
She out yo.

"! Oh, uh, alright then! See you some other time!" Valerie exclaimed, waving goodbye to Torch.

"Yeah, u-umm...Fuego's my orange tabby.  A hyper one at that." With a hand against her shoulder, she begins to exit the cave waving goodbye to those in it. She hopes  she doesn't bump into Dylisi on the way home.
Answer 13 things, and make 13 questions.
Tagged by :iconmeemie7:

Questions I gotta answer:

What was the most challenging experience you've faced growing up(can be anytime from birth until now)? Being homeless in 8th grade was not fun. 

What are some challenges or difficulties you are facing now? Trying to get back into college, but I have faith  in my success

If you could wave a magic wand and make your life a whole lot better in your view, what would change? ...exhaLES DEEPLy. My family life 

What's one thing that most people don't know about you? I like to watch True Crime related stuff. It was something me and my grandmother would watch a lot.

What do you think scares you? Is there a fear or source of anxiety that you can't shake? FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE! Nothing will ever make my anxiety go crazy more than failure. It's the only thing I've ever felt would actually destroy me, and I HATE IT!

What's one story that you'd tell your grandkids or any young whippersnapper who asked about your life? So there was this game called splatoon, yeah? I was goin up against this fellow youngster. We'll call her... :iconluna-96:. What did she do? Why, SHE MURDERED 76 TIMES CONSECUTIVELY  |:C 

How do you deal with a lot of anger? I drink tea, or take a hot shower. 

Who is one person you haven't seen in a long time who you miss? What made you miss that person? What made them so special? :iconwolfnightv4x1: I miss you a lot, bro. This motherfriggin furry is my best friend, and ever since he moved I miss him.

Who is your current senpai? If you don't have a senpai, then if you could have dinner with one person who is currently alive, who would it be?:iconfleesveon:

What does art mean to you? A reflection of our very being. It's one of the biggest foundations of society, and we need to cherish it a lot more than we already do. 

Describe a moment when you felt really sad in the past month. re-reading one of my rp's from back in November :,D 

How easy or difficult is it for you to forgive someone who has hurt you physically or emotionally? Physically I can forgive a little bit more if it was like an accident. I think if someone truly damaged me emotionally I'd never speak to them again. There'd just be too much there. 

Take a lyric from a song that describes how you are feeling right now.
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away 

My questions: 

Favorite video game?

Worst injury?

What's the most annoying meme currently?

Favorite food?

Who be the best friend?

Y'know this TEO guy? I hear he's pretty great. Don't ya agree?

Who stole my Dr. pepper?

I clearly got bored. How ya doin?

Should I be asleep since it's 3:30?

Best cartoon?

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

Worst experience in a car?

Is TEO a feckin nerd?

idk...whoever wants to do this


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Hello, I am TEO! I dabble a bit in art.

Rock on. by Snuf-Stamps DA Stamp - I Love Movies 01 by tppgraphics Skillet Stamp by RecklessKaiser
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The best moirail of all-time:
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^ok seriously this is beyond just homestuck terms I am without a doubt 100% positive that this...kind, caring, badass soul of a human is my platonic soulmate...and us just being best friends is all I need



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